This antenna consists of a 124' Rohn 25 tower as a driven element with a WB0W insulator section. It is guyed with Polygon rod. There are four passive elements 66' from the vertical in the NE, SE, SW and NW direction. A relay is located at the base of each passive element to switch it to ground as a director, switch it to a coil to ground as a reflector or let if float. This essentially becomes a 3 element vertical yagi or a omni directional vertical. Switching is accomplished from the shack using the Green Heron Everywhere software and remote control device. The controller was made by Array Solutions.

160m controller for 5 element array using Green Heron wireless controller.

Radials were plowed in about 6" down so that the field could be planted for alfalfa. The radial intersections were silver soldered to a copper buss wire. Total area with radials is about 2 acres. Wire used was scrap 14 AWG copper THHN. About 25,000 feet of wire was buried. It took about 3 weeks full time to complete this job!

The completed and tuned feed system. The box is mounted to a 2" pipe. The balun/choke is 7 #31 ferrite to an 1 1/4" Hardline.

Hi-Z Receive Antenna System for 80/160 meters.