K9CT guest operations will be for contests only and usually as part of a contesting team.

Upcoming contests are in the planning stage for Multi Single or Multi Two.

Multi Single operations will normally consist of up to three operators at a time. A run operator, same band mult operator and new band multi run operator.   M/2 requires six or more operators.   Less experienced and new contesters will be invited to learn and fill in where possible.

We have a small kitchen area for food and a break area. A room is provided with cots/single beds or bunk beds for rest and naps. A shower is provided for freshening up.

Guest operators should bring a small suitcase/duffel bag with a change of clothes and toiletries. Casual comfortable clothes are recommended for contesting. For those coming from out of the area, you can stay at the station sharing the facilities with the other operators. The nearest motel is 15 miles away. The Greater Peoria Airport (PIA) is about 20 miles away.

Floors are heated in three zones and air conditioning will keep you cool when it gets hot. Cameras watch the shack, outdoors, the moon and a video stream is available on line. You can monitor the contest in the break area by listening to the run operator's audio and watching the logger. You will also be able to monitor the operators in the shack to listen and learn.