There is a FlexRadio 6700 for WSJT, CW and SSB. The middle radios are Alinco DR135 and DR235 for 146-148 MHz and 222 MHz FM contacts. The A slice is used for 6m and the B slice is the IF for the DEMI XVTRs from 144 to 1296 MHZ.  A Denkovi USB to 8 relay is interfaced with the Flex to switch IF and PTT lines for each band. It is then easy to change band just using the N1MM Plus software or the radio. The amplifiers on the top shelf are Lunar Link 1500 watts output.


The EME setup...

Receiver - LinkRF IQ+ dual RX radio for adaptive polarization. The receiver is preceded with two ARR MSP144VDG-25 24 db gain preamps at the antennas. The audio interface device is a E-MU 1616. The audio is fed to MAP65 for decoding

Transmit - MAP65 sends the audio using VAC, Virtual Audio Cable using Power SDR and feeds a Flex 1500 SDR which drives the Downeast Microwave 144-28 transverter. The output of the xvtr drives the Lunar Link LA200 amplifier to 1500 watts output. The frequency of the xvtr and 1500 are fed with a GPS disciplined 10 MHz oscillator.


This is the WSJT MAP65 software used to decode the 96 KHz spectrum of 2 meters. Also shown is the PSTRotatorAZ software used to control the rotators to track the moon. Other software used  Dimension 4 (time synch), MoonSked, Trakbox, DXLabs, and LiveCQ.