This video provides an overview of the antenna farm. Enjoy!

Aerial View of Farm

Towers from left to right, 160m, 40m, 80m 4 square, 20m, DB42, 15m, 10m/VHF and EME array. Shack is right of big building. This picture courtesy of Bill, WO9W taken in late afternoon.

Entrance Panel inside shack

bottom to top...

1 5/8 and 1 1/4 Heliax cables feeding lightning protection devices...ICE, Morgan Manufacturing, and Polyphaser devices. On the left are 4O3A high power filters for contest bands. Several Stackmatches are used for combining antennas with Green Heron Everywhere control. Green Heron rotator controllers and Steppir SDA100 controllers. Just above the HP filters to the left is a 4O3A Antenna Genius that is used primarily with the FlexRadio 6700 for SO2R switching on ethernet. The large antenna switch is a 12 by 4 antenna switch by Hamplus and controlled by GHE 16 port devices. 

All devices are powered by UPS and have surge protection devices. There is a local weather station and it is available on the internet....  Above the Hamplus, is a GHE 8 by 2 RX antenna switch for the receive antennas. USB hubs gather all the USB devices and connect to the server computer in the wiretray. The antennas, rotators and filter selection are programmed in the server and then each station may connect as a client for automatic operation.